Pure natural materials only


kun2A traditional material that has been used in the production of textiles ever since the 9th century. This material is one of the core elements of high-quality mattresses and mattress toppers because it possesses several unique characteristics. One of the biggest problems of mass-produced mattresses is the condensation of moisture. Each of us produces an average of almost 2 dcl of sweat while sleeping without even knowing, and this is all collected inside such mass-produced mattresses. Horsehair effectively dispels moisture and prevents its condensation within our mattresses. At the same time it is also used to set the desired firmness of the mattress depending on the way it is distributed inside the mattress.

Cashmere (Cashmere Wool)

kozaCashmere wool came to Europe at the beginning of the 19th century and, in spite of its steep price which can reach over ten times the price of regular sheep’s wool, became an essential element in the production of luxury textiles. Cashmere wool has one of the finest fibre structures, while also being extremely light and warm. The cashmere used in Divian Dream mattresses and toppers comes exclusively from the hand-combed undercoat of Cashmere and Tibetan goats and ranks among the finest in the world.


stavDamask is a single-color fabric with a fine woven pattern. It got its name from the Syrian city of Damascus, where it was produced during the middle ages. Today’s production usually uses a cheap version of damask fabric using synthetic fibres, but in Divan Dream’s beds you will find only the finest Belgian damask that is produced exclusively to order for our company from high-quality natural fibre.

Organic Cotton

bavlnaIn the bedding industry cotton is still one of the dominant materials in the production of bed linen thanks to its high moisture absorption capabilities. Together with horsehair cotton contributes to the dissipation of body moisture while together with wool it provides thermal comfort. Cotton production is very susceptible to attacks from a number of pests, due to which the massive use of chemicals is a regular part of the growing process. Divian Dream uses only organic cotton in its products. This cotton is certified to be grown with no synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. It is another way our company contributes to the quality of your sleep.


ovceWoollen fabrics are larger in volume than other textiles thanks to its specific thermal insulation properties. What is more, the insulation works both ways. The Touareg and Bedouin tribes have long used wool clothing to protect themselves from excessive heat. Ensuring thermal comfort is also the basic task of the sheep’s wool used in the hand production of Divian Dream beds. From a medical perspective natural sheep’s wool is moreover classified as a hypoallergenic material. And last but not least, sheep’s wool is used in the textile and furniture industries for its fire-safety characteristics, where wool significantly out-performs most artificial materials in flame suppression and self-extinguishing abilities.


borThe foundations must be solid. This is true in housing as well as in beds. For the construction of the Divian Dream divans our master carvers have selected solid pine of exclusively Czech origin. It breathes well, has a high stability and contains no chemical bonding agents.


kaucukThe basis for the production of natural India rubber is natural latex that is collected from a tapped Pará rubber tree. The most important feature of India rubber, which makes it ideal for use in the production of beds and mattresses, is its ability to absorb and adjust to pressure while returning back to its original shape afterwards. In full accordance with our philosophy and faith in the positive influence of purely natural materials on our health and the quality of our sleep, we use only high-quality natural India rubber in the production of Divian Dream beds.


pruzinySprings have been a traditional material used during the production of beds and mattresses for centuries, tried and tested by our ancestors. For their use in modern beds it was necessary to combine tradition with modern technological procedures. We here in Divian Dream use springs from non-conductive metals with various degrees of firmness, thickness and winding design. These are then placed by hand into your new mattress and bed according to an individualised methodology in order to ensure the maximum comfort while achieving the necessary support for your body while sleeping. Springs also fulfil another important role for truly healthy sleeping – the bed’s ventilation. They work like a bellows, being compressed by your body as you sleep and released when you change your position, pumping fresh new air into your mattress.