Our commitment


Your body and mind both need high-quality rest. The individual parts of a Divian Dream bed come together to form a functional whole in which each components fulfils its own task and only when combined with the use of exclusively natural materials and quality craftsmanship is it a guarantee of the perfect rest that you deserve.


Tradition, Natural Materials and Modern Technologies

The success of our beds is based combining time-tested traditional principles, the finest natural materials and modern technologies. Our beds work on the same principle as those that our ancestors slept in many decades ago. They are based on a spring system with all its advantages for a healthy and quality sleep. Just as in the past, we too believe in the positive influence of purely natural materials on our health and the quality of our sleep. The use of modern technologies, however, is essential in achieving true perfection.

We use pocket springs from non-conductive materials and of variable thickness and winding styles in order to create comfort zones in our mattresses. We also work with a patented system for attaching and connecting the more than 1000 springs that make up each of the mattresses we make.