Down Bedclothes

Pillows and duvets

Healthy down/feather unobjectionable pillows and duvets



Also allergic and asthmatic persons can enjoy comfort which only down duvets and pillows offer, withour fear of consequent reaction. Recipe for production of health unobjectionable down bedclothes is supported by contemporary scientific research. It is based on washing and drying of the initial base material by minimal temperature of 100 degrees Celsius with using ecological laundry detergents.

All our offered products meet demands and requirements of the European standart EN 12935 regarding sterility, cleanliness and hygiene.


Nomit – product suitable for a person allergic on domestic dust (quality comply with international regulation PAS 1008)

Daunasan – filling of the product corresponds to the international regulation EN 12935 („feathers/down and dust – requirements for hygiene and cleanliness)


Lifetime up to 30 years

Our tests proved dust and down keep warmth with minimum of loss even in case of very difficult conditions. That is why down is used for products intended for very extreme conditions as sleeping bags or windcheaters are. Linen down sets are moreover light, airy, warm, hygroskopic, durable and also healthy, especially the linen supplied by us.

Fullness of down piles up the subjected to compression down, which gains its original volume and form again after releasing compression. Furthermore, down does not felt like other nature materials like wool and fur. Down or feather duvets and pillows have excellent ability to follow shape of a human body and its movements. Durability of feather is also admirable. Durability of a feather set varies from 20 to 30 years in common use and wearing.

Besides, thanks to its optimal thermal and climatic balance, products filled with down happen to be very adversing environs for mites depending on dampness. Further protection offers cloth of bedtick averting mites intrusion into the feather products.




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Mattress Pads / Protectors


Exclussive material from the softly carded cotton.

Rainproofed from above, white color, non-swishy, airy, washing 90 degrees Celsius.

Health certification, OEKO TEX Standart.

100 {78797bb8e402186875a56cdc5c2c3c749e7b2b8bb0060f9af883bf85bbe9965f} carded cotton 150 gr/m2