Golden Dream

The sleep of kings and queens

The Golden Dream product line is comprised of 58 cm of natural materials that will go to show you that you, too, can enjoy a royal sleep. Two layers of pocket springs comprising the core of this mattress are surrounded by 19 kilograms of pure horsehair, wool and cotton of premium quality. We provide Golden Dream mattresses in Medium, Firm, Extra Firm variations together with a 6 cm-high topper for a truly royal feeling while sleeping. You can choose from a range of toppers that, just like the mattresses, are made of natural materials of premium quality. The mattresses and toppers are upholstered with a Divian Dream cover made of Belgian damask, which is made exclusively for our company. The box spring bases (divans) of the Golden Dream line are made of solid pine, furnished with LFK springs instead of the regular slats so that, together with a Golden Dream mattress, it makes a functional, mutually coactive whole to bring you royal sleep and dreams. The combined height of the mattress, topper and divan (without legs) is 58 cm.

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Mattress Core: Double-layer pocket spring core
1848 springs total (180/200 size)
Support Layer: Pure horsehair
(total of 6kgs)
Surface Filling: 100% cotton (5 kg)
Mattress Height: 28 cm
Hand stitching: Yes
Filling: Pure horsehair (total of 6kgs)
Surface Filling: 100% cotton (5kgs) Wool 34%  cotton 66% (8kgs)
Topper Height: 6 cm
Hand stitching: Yes
Frame: Hard wood
Core: 780 LFK springs (for 180/200 size)
Filling: Comfort cotton blend
Boxspring Height: 24 cm
Upholstery: Cover fabric from Divian Dream Collection
Legs: 4 choices in wooden legs and 4 choices in metal legs
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